The Naves, Edmonds

The Seattle market is very hot and a lot of realtors are not willing to do the work for their clients. And they scoff if you are trying to “find a deal” in this hot market. Our realtor was willing to do whatever it took to find us the right home. She was AMAZING!

Megan went above and beyond for us – she even met our contractors for us prior to the house closing so we could get estimates, installed detectors for us and never said “no” to any of our requests. She was truly a god send for us during the difficult process of finding a home in this market.

Megan is a true gem out of the countless choices of realtors in this area. Very few are willing to go above and beyond in this market that is so hot. Megan was one of many realtors we talked to in the beginning but she was the ONLY one that we would have worked with due to her positive attitude and willingness to do what it took to find a home that worked for us.

Megan might be the only reason we didn’t give up on the Seattle market – she was the only realtor who was willing to show us around to get a feel of the various areas and neighborhoods. Our wants and needs at the beginning of the search changed based on costs and areas and she was ALWAYS very patient and willing to do whatever was needed to find us a home that worked for us.

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I have acquired many different types of skills within my career. My experience comes from over twenty five years in sales and marketing, over fifteen years as an accounting controller, and over ten years in business and residential project management including real estate investing. Being a real estate agent, I have helped negotiate and procure the contracts of properties where time is of the essence and the acceptance of an offer is dependent on being creative and staying in communication with my clients and all parties through the entire process. I consistently working at expanding my skills and customer service by utilizing a business coach who challenges me on a weekly basis. I am a professional real estate agent for commercial and residential clients. You will be impressed with my service and enthusiasm; call me today!

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