Lise Eddy, Marysville

Megan Wilaby performed in an outstanding manner. Communication was clear, concise and there when needed. She knew what I wanted and showed me a range of homes that fit the criteria. She always had good ideas at the ready, and utilized them when needed. This was my first home purchase and I really feel like I had the cream of the crop for a real estate agent. I highly recommend Megan Wilaby for all your new home needs.

About Megan Wilaby

I have acquired many different types of skills within my career. My experience comes from over twenty five years in sales and marketing, over fifteen years as an accounting controller, and over ten years in business and residential project management including real estate investing. Being a real estate agent, I have helped negotiate and procure the contracts of properties where time is of the essence and the acceptance of an offer is dependent on being creative and staying in communication with my clients and all parties through the entire process. I consistently working at expanding my skills and customer service by utilizing a business coach who challenges me on a weekly basis. I am a professional real estate agent for commercial and residential clients. You will be impressed with my service and enthusiasm; call me today!

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